Video: Takoma Park, MD citizens organize to Impeach Them!

Title: Takoma Park, MD says IMPEACH THEM!
Grassroots documentary by Michelle Bailey.

The Takoma Park, MD city council unanimously passes a resolution to Impeach Pres. Bush and VP Cheney on July 23, 2007. Councilmember Reuben Snipper sponsored the resolution which builds on Kucinich’s Cheney impeach bill (H.Res.333) by adding charges for illegal wiretaps, indefinite detentions, torture and signing statements.

Includes citizen interviews before and after the vote, citizen comments during the hearing and the council vote. – 2nd Edition with soundtrack. TRT approximately 45mins.

Related videos: News ch. 4 | News Fox 5 | MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson with guest Mayor Kathy Porter

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  1. That was a really good night. I wish others would wake up and smell the danger! Thanks for posting these.

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