Letter: Pelosi, Stupak urged to begin impeachment of president, vice president

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Ms. Pelosi and

Congressman Stupak:

When George W. Bush took the oath of office in January 2001, he swore to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” It is a solemn and grave oath; especially when viewed from the perspective of decisions he has since made and the actions he has taken.

Ms. Pelosi, as speaker of the House of Representatives, it is time for you, as well as for you, Congressman Stupak, to hold Mr. Bush accountable for his words and actions. In fact, it is past time. When, in November, the American people delivered the Congress and Senate into Democratic hands, we did so hoping for and expecting significant change in Washington. So far, very little has been done to achieve this goal. Many are becoming frustrated with congressional inaction. Others are starting to think that Congress is the problem, not the administration.

On Capitol Hill last week, we witnessed Gen. Petraeus plead for “patience,” with vague promises that, by sometime next fall, a few thousand troops might come home from Iraq. We are reminded of a time, 30 years ago, when the Viet Nam War was becoming a quagmire, and Richard Nixon promised a “secret plan” to get us out — a plan which ended up keeping us involved for eight more bloody years.

Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Stupak, we cannot wait another eight years. Something strong and decisive has to be done now to stop this imperial and unfettered administration.

Please, do not be afraid for your tenure in office. We, the American people, elected you to represent us. The Constitution sets forth a clear and straightforward process to hold in check those federal officials who lead us astray: impeachment.

Throughout the 21 decades since James Madison and John Jay drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, impeachment has stood as the final bulwark against the abuse of executive authority.

Ms. Pelosi, you have often said that you do not wish to risk causing a Constitutional crisis by bringing impeachment proceedings against Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. Fundamentally, you are in error: Impeachment is the prescribed remedy for a president who has overreached his authority. In this instance, impeachment is not a choice, but a responsibility.

The Constitutional crisis is upon us. In fact, the crisis may have already grown beyond the capacity of the constitutional remedies to address it. If you do not begin impeachment proceedings against this administration as soon as possible, it is likely that there will be very little left of a democratic republic to govern, come January 2009.

The articles of impeachment against the Bush Administration have been written by their own actions. They include such high crimes as:

1. Lying to the United Nations, the Congress and the American people in order to bring us to war in Iraq. Bearing false witness in matters of national security is not simply deceitful, it fundamentally undermines the credibility of and the foundational trust of the people in government. Lying about Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction and alleged ties to al-Queda is no small issue of semantics. It has resulted in the deaths of more than 3,000 of our service personnel and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

2. Misuse of the power and the authority of the offices of the president and vice president in order to discredit and to defame those who fundamentally disagree with their policies. This is no more clearly displayed than in the “outing” of CIA agent Valerie Plame in order to pressure her husband, a career diplomat, to toe the administration line on the issue of Iraq’s imaginary weapons of mass destruction.

3. Violating the terms of the Geneva Convention by advocating and endorsing the torture of prisoners and political detainees, their ongoing detainment without due process, and moving them across international borders in order to further humiliate, detain and torture them.

4. Awarding “no-bid” federal contracts worth tens of billions of dollars to corporations, such as Halliburton, with whom members of the administration have or have had personal involvement and influence, as “rewards” for political support. The waste and mismanagement in administering these same contracts rises at least to the level of “misdemeanors.”

5. Blocking congressional subpoenas for the testimony of administration officials who possess information critical in legitimate congressional investigations. By extension, abrogating to the Executive Branch powers specifically granted to the Judicial and the Legislative. (The Constitution makes no mention of executive privilege. It does, however embody a presumption of disclosure and openness; virtues sadly lacking in this administration.)

6. Granting blanket pardons to those, such as “Scooter” Libby, in order to seal their possibly damaging testimony from coming to light in federal criminal investigations. This abuse and misuse of authority might just be the most insidious and damaging to democracy. (One expects to see more of this misuse of the privilege of presidential pardon as high-placed administration officials such as Karl Rove, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and others resign in weeks and months to come.)

7. Hindering the work of the judiciary and the rule of law. By firing U.S. attorneys who were reluctant to press the administration’s political biases the administration infringed upon the ability of the judiciary to rule impartially. This leans hard on the constitutional separation of powers. The far-reaching consequences of these actions, gone unpunished, are immense.

You must not wait any longer. Please urge Congressman John Conyers to move ahead immediately to bring Articles of Impeachment against President George W Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. No less than the future of the Republic is at stake.

Daniel M. Young,


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  1. This is a very helpful “guide letter” for people. I’m going to re-word it to my specs and send it to Pelosi and CVH. Thanks for posting!!

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