Naomi Wolf’s Call to Patriots — Today’s Echoes of Goebbels, and the Fragility of Liberty

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Democracies take nurturing. They’re easy to pull down. The Founders understood that. It’s a very dangerous time.

— Naomi Wolf, Author, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

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We owe a great debt to Naomi Wolf, who cut her teeth in writing about a new generation of Feminist thinking, for writing this wake up call to America.

In interviewing Wolf, we could hear one of her children in the background. And in many ways, young people were on her mind when she penned “The End of America,” because she is profoundly concerned that they may lose the gift of democracy and live under a dictatorship.

After conversing with Wolf, we saw her on “The Colbert Report” and marveled at how she shifted so effortlessly into expertly handling the ironic parries of Colbert. But her message was the same as it was with us, in a dialogue that proceeded in a much more somber tone: we are on the verge of crossing the threshold into tyranny.

Wolf structures her book into identifying 10 usurpations of democracy that are underway. When combined with the other assaults on our Constitutional checks and balances, we agree with Wolf that we are on the precipice of seeing this great experiment in Constitutional democracy disappear as our Bill of Rights is steadily eroded.

Careful to document her thesis with parallels to the rise of fascism in other times, Wolf speaks with a sincere and highly credible sense of urgency. She lays out the roadmap to authoritarian rule — and we are being driven down that road without most Americans even realizing it.

What she asks of us is simple: to awaken to the danger before it is too late, if it isn’t already.

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  1. I didn’t know Naomi Wolf had a new book out about this subject. I’m going to get it immediately! I loved The Beauty Myth, and I think she’s an original and critical thinker. Thanks for posting this!!

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