Citizen Spotlight: Letter Requesting promised Meeting with Chairman Conyers – Day Ten

(bcc: ImpeachforPeace membership and associates)

This is a second e-mail request following up on one sent on September 25th.

During Honorable Chairman Conyers’ visit to Minneapolis for the Health Care Forum on Sunday, September 23rd he mentioned several times from the podium as well as in personal conversations on the way to the parking lot that he would be willing to meet with impeachment advocates in Minneapolis.

As you may recall, we had a 15 minute meeting scheduled with Chairman Conyers from 3:15-3:30 p.m. that was to follow the Forum on the 23rd that did not take place.

Mr. Joel Sigal, Legislative Assistant to Chairman Conyers, called and left me a message on Wednesday, September 26th indicating that Chairman Conyers had said in the car on the way to the airport that he was interested in returning to Minneapolis to “meet with the impeachment people”. I returned his call on September 27th and left a message but we have not had a chance to speak directly.

Members of would be honored to meet with Chairman Conyers at the Congressman’s earliest convenience in either Minneapolis, Detroit or Washington DC.

It is our strong conviction that Democrats are fiddling (suppressing the powerful Constitutionally-based, legally justified and rapidly growing grassroots citizen demand for impeachment) while Rome burns (impending illegal and immoral war of aggression against Iran on top of countless previous and current impeachable offenses by the White House) so please consider this an urgent request.

As defined in our previous e-mail request, the matter we would like to discuss is threefold. Please forward this to the Chairman:

Honorable Chairman Conyesrs,

1). If not impeachment, then what is the plan for full accountability for the Bush Administration? Dates, deadlines and specifics please. We have tens of thousands of members, supporters and associates of many political party affiliations whose tenuous support for Democratic Party election goals hangs in the balance. We would like to help publicize true accountability. Continue reading