Tell the Federal Communications Commission to Get the Spies Off the Line:

Don't Spy on Me!

Ordinary, law-abiding Americans are targets of the government’s illegal surveillance. You can tell the FCC to get the spies off the line.

Follow this link to the handy FCC form and to read the complaint.

In related news…

This Wednesday, the whole House will vote on the RESTORE Act. There will be openings for last-minute amendments, and immunity is nearly guaranteed to be one of them. Including immunity in legislation could jeopardize EFF’s case against AT&T — one of the last, best hopes for judicial review of the wholesale surveillance of ordinary Americans. Don’t let your representative sell out to the Bush administration and to the telecoms — call now and remind them that telecom immunity must stay off the table.

More info:

Tell your reps to oppose retroactive immunity for phone companies’ lawbreaking

Tel: (202) 224-3121 — Capitol Hill Switchboard. (800) 828 – 0498 — Toll Free Congress


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