Today’s Scoop – by Peter Zaza

“The Spinning Silhouette Optical Illusion” – October 24, 2007

“There’s a wonderful optical illusion which involves a graphic of a ballerina spinning around on one leg. It’s called:

“The Spinning Silhouette Optical Illusion”

This illusion elucidates a very important principle concerning subjective reality, and helps to illustrate a point about the vastly differing views people can hold about events such as 9/11. Some people who look at the spinning figure will first affirm that she is bouncing on her left leg while twirling in a clockwise direction. Others may avow that she is instead bouncing on her right leg and spinning in a counterclockwise direction. Indeed, you can have many people looking at this animated graphic at the same time and not agree as to what is happening. This idea is not really foreign to many people who have made the journey from one belief about 9/11 to its diametrical opposite.

First – we must try and deconstruct the illusion and find out what is going on. When you look at a silhouette of a figure it is not possible to determine if it is facing you, or facing away from you. There is no depth to the figure, it’s just an outline – our Left/Right designation of what we visually perceive will set the stage for our belief of what follows. If the human cut-out is interpreted to be facing you then you will assume it is her left foot touching the ground, and vice versa if not. The information is not sufficient when viewing a black and white silhouette, our brain makes an assumption at first glance and then proceeds toward a logical eventuality based upon that assumption.

When you first look at the optical illusion you are subjected to your own implied interpretation. It’s interesting to analyze our mindset while going through the entire process of discovery in figuring out this type of problem. I looked at it initially and told myself to concentrate on which leg she is bouncing on – I was sure it was the left, how could anyone doubt it – you can see it, can’t you? You would have to be an idiot to think otherwise – anybody who does not see it must be a lunatic. But then something happens, there is a period of thought and analysis, and then a question of our belief. As we catch ourselves seeing the right leg touching and the figure rotating in the opposite direction, there arises doubt concerning our convictions. We come to the ultimate realization that we can be fooled, and it is embarrassing to admit that those assertions we would stake our lives upon, and the derision we feel toward those who do not agree with us, are after all only based upon an illusion.

“When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer

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