Urgent Message for Impeach Supporters – Please Make Calls week of Monday 11/5/07


Thank you for supporting the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney! This is an urgent action request to support H.Res.333, Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s resolution calling for Vice President Cheney’s impeachment; the same message can be found at AfterDowningStreet.com.

In a nutshell, Rep. Kucinich is hoping to bring his resolution to a vote using a parliamentary procedure known as a “privileged resolution.” Once introduced, the resolution has to be brought to the floor within two legislative days, although the House could act on it immediately. Kucinich is expected to bring it to the House floor on Tuesday, November 6!

Click on the links for further information about H.Res.333 and Kucinich’s strategy.

You can help by calling your representatives — preferably more than once — between now and Tuesday, urging them to vote No on tabling (killing) Kucinich’s resolution and Yes on giving impeachment a chance. In Maryland CD 8, Rep. Van Hollen’s phone number is 202-225-5341.

…or other Congress Members toll free at

Thank you!

PS: it’s important to refer to Kucinich’s resolution as “H.Res.333” — not “HR333.”

Video: Dennis explains it all in this video


More Impeach News:

The National Lawyers Guild passed an Impeachment Resolution on Friday, Nov. 2nd 2007 and will begin a national campaign for impeachment of both Cheney and Bush, providing further support for the impeachment proceedings to be held this Tuesday, 11/06/2007.


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    1. Excellent collection of materials!
      I got the news today and have been spreading the word and of course writing my representative.

      Wishing you and yours health, balance and joy


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