Update on Kucinich’s H.Res. 333, What Happened Tues and What’s Next

Update: Wexler is asking us to sign up now to get Cheney Impeachment Hearings Started!

How did your congressmember do? 86 democratic and 165 republican congress members voted the right way. Mine, Chris Van Hollen did not vote to give impeachment a chance.

Kucinich will hold a town meeting this week either on the phone, internet or both. Stay tuned for information.

Impeach supporters, I think this week is a fine time to continue to ask our representatives to sign on as a co-sponsor to the bill. There are 22 co-sponsors so far and after what went down yesterday, I feel with a little more constituent pressure to do the right thing, they could be swayed.

Call Your Congress Members AND Nancy Pelosi toll free at:

Thank you!

PS: it’s important to refer to Kucinich’s resolution as “H.Res.333” — not “HR333.”
PSS: When you call, go ahead and ask them to start or at least support charging Cheney AND Bush with these additional crimes which are not included in H.Res.333. The charges include: Indefinite detention (habeas corpus), torture, FISA illegal wiretaps and signing statements. (see Takoma Park, MD’s Resolution– it’s a good one!)


More Impeach News:

  • The National Lawyers Guild passed an Impeachment Resolution on Friday, Nov. 2nd 2007 and will begin a national campaign for impeachment of both Cheney and Bush, providing further support for the impeachment proceedings to be held this Tuesday, 11/06/2007.
  • Yalies for Impeachement

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