Google censorship? My videos must be getting their attention!

Update: Google doesn’t show stats any longer but you can get the report when you log in… sometimes. It seems to zero out every once in a while. 

Google recently reset some of my video views. I last recorded the views on 10/23 (see below). Yesterday I noticed that the Takoma Park Impeach Documentary was still at 388 views…this morning it’s at 0. I did some research and apparently truth/political videos with views in the thousands or millions regularly have the views reset. Some of the creators of those videos claim google is censoring. Does google really care about my videos with their relatively low number of views? Or is it just a computer glitch (as google has apparently claimed)? Some videos in the collection have not had their views Zeroed out (yet!).

If you have not yet seen the videos and want to help get the numbers up again, please click and view!

12/06 Video Views
Takoma Park Documentary: 1 (yesterday it was at 388!)
Joan Mellen: 7 (last week views were at about 400)
Lindorff and Tarpley: 10 (last week views were at about 600)
Mya Shone and Ralph Schoenman: 1 (last week views were at about 300)
D. Gregory: 7 (last week views were at about 220)
Seth G.: 42 (not reset)
J. Stetson: 111 (not reset)
WTC Clip: 48 (not reset)
Jamie Raskin: 507 (not reset)
Mayor Porter on MSNBC: 1 (last week views were at about about 200)
Bob Bowman: 92 (not reset)


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  1. […] Google stops showing “all time views” for videos. At first people were just complaining that the counts were being reset to zero. Now they don’t show the views at all. […]

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