Senate candidate calls for Bush’s arrest | February 26, 2008

“KENNEBUNKPORT — Calling President George Bush “the worst president in the history of the United States,” Independent U.S. Senate candidate Laurie Dobson stood on the steps of Town Hall Tuesday and called upon the town to indict Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney as war criminals.”

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Support Laurie Dobson!


Google Censorship Once Again

Every once in a while I like to google the words “bush +impeach” to see what the search engines are turning up. Last July Google gave us 2,310,000 results. And today, February 17th — 519,000.

What the heck happened to the other 1,791,000 results Google? And by the way, the impeachment movement is GROWING not shrinking. Google, why are you doing this?

July ’07 Google Screenshot

google screenshot from july 07

February ’08 Google Screenshot

Google screenshot from February '08

Let’s check in with Yahoo

July ’07 Yahoo Screenshot

Yahoo screenshot July ‘07

February ’08 Yahoo Screenshot

Yahoo screenshot February ‘08

In July ’07 Yahoo search returned 6,530,000 results. Today the Yahoo results are 15,000,000 which shows a growth of more than double!!

Thanks Yahoo!

Let’s try another combination of words “bush +impeachment” (This will be our baseline for future comparisons)

Yahoo 02-17-09 = 20,600,000 ! — screenshot
Google 02-17-09 = 297,000 — screen shot — YOU ARE KIDDING ME !?

When using the combination “bush +impeachment” the discrepancy is even more apparent . Look for an update in a couple of months.

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Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-IA) cosigns 333 to Impeach Cheney

OpEdNews – Newtown, PA, USA

Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-IA) is the 25th ccosigner of House Resolution 333 on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, joining the rising call for the impeachment of Vice President Richard B. Cheney. ..

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This is good news but we need more sponsors for the Cheney bill and the reps that are working on the Bush impeachment bill (Wexler, Kucinich and Juciary Committee) need to hear from you…So, please keep your calls coming in and ask others to call.

Call Pelosi, call your reps, call the judiciary committee:

Capitol Hill Switchboard: (202) 224-2131 , (800) 828-0498

New Impeachment Development: Call Conyers Today! 202-225-5126 (Call again if you’ve called before!)

Conyers Considers Cheney Impeachment Hearings

By David Swanson

On Thursday, Chairman John Conyers’ House Judiciary Committee held a hearing at which Attorney General Michael Mukasey said that he would not investigate torture or warrantless spying, he would not enforce contempt citations, and he would treat Justice Department opinions as providing immunity for crimes.

None of this was new, but perhaps it touched something in Conyers that had not been touched before. Following the hearing, he and two staffers met for over an hour with two members of Code Pink and discussed activism and impeachment, including Congressman Robert Wexler‘s proposal to begin impeachment hearings on Cheney.

Conyers expressed his concerns about what might happen following an impeachment, the danger of installing a Bush replacement or losing an election. But he said he’s listening to several advocates for impeachment, including Liz Holtzman and David Swanson of He hinted he could be swayed by a convincing argument, leaning out of his chair for dramatic effect.

So let’s help Chairman John Conyers decide! We know Conyers agrees with all of us on the legal grounds for impeachment because he made this case himself in his 2006 book, “The Constitution in Crisis.” Where Conyers needs persuasion is on the politics of impeachment, so we have addressed his concerns here:

We’d like you to email Conyers (and other Judiciary Committee Democrats) with the link above, but please don’t stop there.

1. Call his office at 202-225-5126 and say you would like him to begin Cheney impeachment hearings immediately. Tell him the hearings must be on impeachment because that’s the only way to force the White House to comply with Congressional subpoenas. The phone in his office was reportedly ringing once every second, 60 times per minute, all day long on Monday. Let’s ring it faster on Tuesday.

2. Print our petition
and fax it to Conyers at 202-225-0072 with your name and address at the end.

3. Urge your Representative and Senators to sign onto Congressman Robert Wexler‘s letter to Conyers (which he plans to deliver on Friday) here:

We know we’re asking a lot, but we’re not alone – our friends from Code Pink are fasting for impeachment and meeting with Conyers on Tuesday to discuss opening Cheney impeachment hearings.

Want to do more? Start planning now to visit your congress member’s office when they’re back in their district between February 16th and 24th. Find ideas here: Join (or create) your Congressional District Impeachment Committee:

Citizen Spotlight: Mimi Evans Writes to John Conyers at

Dear Chairman Conyers,
I am a resident of Brooklyn, NY, and the proud mother of a US Marine who served in Iraq. I love America deeply and have studied its history. Though my son came home safe, thousands of other sons and daughters will never return from Iraq. I am convinced that they are fighting for nothing. NOTHING. The war in Iraq is a scam and a sham, and America’s complete and total decline in economic and political prestige is the result. History will be a harsh judge of the sycophants who support George Bush, including almost all of the US Congress – including the lazy, myopic Democrats (and especially Pelosi). Please rise above all of this, and for the sake of the country – envision the sacrifices of the military in EVERY war, not just Iraq – please begin impeachment hearings IMMEDIATELY. People may say, “The end of the administration is near…what good will it do?” I ask you to imagine how much damage Bush, Cheney, Mukasey, Rice etc. can do in a mere week, let alone a full year. Now is the time for utmost patriotism and bravery. Rise above. Answer the call of history. For the sake of all of our children who will now inherit a morally bereft and failing country. Do the right thing and impeach them all.
Mimi Evans
Brooklyn, NY

Congressman Pete Stark has a poll asking whether we should IMPEACH

IMPEACH ALREADY!!! Aren’t you getting tired of these polls? We should still answer the poll to send the messages to congress in every way we can- YES – IMPEACH! Both Bush AND Cheney!

Go to the fifth bullet down, “GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY”.

I have heard from people who regularly walk the halls of congress lobbying for impeachment, that our calls of impeachment support do make a big difference.

So, please keep your calls coming in and ask others to call.

Call Pelosi, call your reps, call the judiciary committee:

Capitol Hill Switchboard: (202) 224-2131 , (800) 828-0498

Video: John Nirenberg – March in My Name – From Boston to DC to Impeach Bush & Cheney

On Saturday, January 12, sixty year-old patriot John Nirenberg walked the final leg of his historic march from Boston to Washington, DC to urge Congress to hold impeachment hearings on Bush and Cheney. We welcome him (and other impeach supporters) to DC with a march to the seat of the original U.S. Constitution at the National Archives. This video includes inspiring speeches from John, David Swanson and Ray McGovern as well as comments from marchers. 31 minutes.

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