Citizen Spotlight: Mimi Evans Writes to John Conyers at

Dear Chairman Conyers,
I am a resident of Brooklyn, NY, and the proud mother of a US Marine who served in Iraq. I love America deeply and have studied its history. Though my son came home safe, thousands of other sons and daughters will never return from Iraq. I am convinced that they are fighting for nothing. NOTHING. The war in Iraq is a scam and a sham, and America’s complete and total decline in economic and political prestige is the result. History will be a harsh judge of the sycophants who support George Bush, including almost all of the US Congress – including the lazy, myopic Democrats (and especially Pelosi). Please rise above all of this, and for the sake of the country – envision the sacrifices of the military in EVERY war, not just Iraq – please begin impeachment hearings IMMEDIATELY. People may say, “The end of the administration is near…what good will it do?” I ask you to imagine how much damage Bush, Cheney, Mukasey, Rice etc. can do in a mere week, let alone a full year. Now is the time for utmost patriotism and bravery. Rise above. Answer the call of history. For the sake of all of our children who will now inherit a morally bereft and failing country. Do the right thing and impeach them all.
Mimi Evans
Brooklyn, NY


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