Investigating Bush | 4/10 (original source: Tim Dickenson – Rolling Stone)

“Waxman is tight-lipped about what will be on his committee’s docket in the coming months. He does, however, offer one tease. Last summer, Rice had been scheduled to testify in what was sure to be an explosive hearing about when precisely the Bush administration knew, during the run-up to war in Iraq, that its intelligence on Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction was wrong. At the last minute, however, that hearing was abruptly postponed and never rescheduled. It now appears that Waxman has been keeping the topic on the back burner, ready to return it to a full boil this fall, as Democrats seek to take back the White House in November.”


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Issue 9, April, 2008 – Is Out!
The latest issue of the Rock Creek Free Press is rolling off the press.

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Top Stories:
Vaccines Linked to Autism
InfraGuard: FBI Deputizes Corporations to Enforce Martial Law
FBI Refuses to Document Identity of 9/11 Planes
Winter Soldier: Evidence of War Crimes Presented
Why Bush Justice “Watergated” Spitzer
Abu Grahaib Prisoners Packed in Ice
How Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman Got “Roved”
Gulf War Syndrome: Caused by Drugs Administered by DOD
Who Controls the Media? Soulless Corporations, of Course

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