Tuesday Evening Update: The Clerk of the House is reading the articles of impeachment, at the conclusion of which Rep. Kucinich will make a motion.

from afterdowningstreet.org | 6/10/08

Rep. Robert Wexler is the first to cosponsor and was to be on Keith Olbermann today.

Why isn’t the media reporting the BIGGEST story of the year?! – CALL THE MEDIA!

more on the media blackout >>

Kucinich Website Crippled Under Suspicious Circumstances Following Introduction of Impeachment Articles

Call/Email Your Congress Member – Congress has 72 hours to table it, send it to committee, pass it, or reject it.

The full text of the articles is available at:

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment, Pres. Bush (PDF from c-span web site)

At the conclusion Tuesday evening it was announced that the House will consider the resolution on Wednesday am.


One Response

  1. Americans of all parties.

    Take to the streets.

    Demand impeachment.

    Restore the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Lawful government.

    Over ride compromised congress and media.


    Pass it on.

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