Impeach by State

Dozens of cities, towns and groups have resolved to impeach:



State Level: Needs Resolution Introduced. Citizens are organizing now to ask our senators to support impeachment hearings. Our freshman Senator Jamie Raskin hosted an excellent town meeting on impeachment: go to video>>

We will post Maryland news here on this page and also on the Maryland CD8 Impeachment site.

Congressional Districts:

Congressional District 8:
Rep. Van Hollen: He is against investigating the greatest criminal government in our history and will not support impeachment hearings. Call him (202-225-5341) and tell let him know your feelings about that. Deborah Vollmer is running against him and is a pro impeachment candidate.

Congressional District 4:
Rep. Wynn: signed on H.Res 333 but can introduce Bush impeachment bill. Call him now – Capitol Hill Switchboard: (202) 224-2131 , (800) 828-0498. Donna Edwards is running against Wynn and she is pro impeachment!!!

County Councils – Montgomery County Council – Resolution Sponsor:Valerie Ervin-needs your support.

City Councils: Takoma Park, MD (passed) YAY!


New Jersey

State Level – Effort Started. Needs your help.

General Information

Related news:

Right now, six states — California, Illinois, Minnesota, New Mexico, Vermont and Washington — have introduced resolutions to impeach Bush-Cheney. New Jersey will be the 7th state to introduce its resolution. Of all the states, New Jersey has the best chance to pass its resolution through the legislature and transmit our “petition to impeach” to the Congress, triggering Jefferson’s Rule 603. This event will bring huge pressure to start impeachment proceedings. New Jersey offers a case in which both houses of its legislature, the General Assembly and the Senate, have Democratic majorities; Governor Corzine’s also a Democrat, and while his signature is not necessary to transmit New Jersey’s resolution to impeach, there’s reason to believe he will be “favorably disposed” to the resolution, and that will help it all happen.


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