Impeach Them Yard Signs

IMPEACH THEM! yard signs can help to inform and inspire. Bush and Cheney have committed many impeachable crimes and yet they are still free to continue their policies of tyranny, corruption and murder. Congress needs to hear from you! – Impeach Supporters, your signs are great but phone calls to Pelosi, Conyers, and your reps are needed Now Support it now! graphic

Impeach Them Yard Signs


You can get signs from the Montgomery County Impeachment Meetup. They also operate a web site for the signs and buttons;

Order 100 (or more) at a Time – Create Visual Impact!

signs_34.jpgFor a concentrated local campaign: If you want to order 100 or more at a time like organizers in Takoma Park, MD did, contact Ellen at and see the sample sign graphic, left, for the suggested specifications which you can email to her. You can customize the text on the bottom of the sign. has the best signs, prices, service, and turnaround to be found anywhere. They also have the union bug option.

Michelle Bailey, Katie Bergstrom, Thomas Nephew
By takomabibelot, with permission

Artist Lydia Zerne gets creative with her impeaches
visit her cafepress web site


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