It’s Not Too Late

It’s never too late:

  • to do the right thing – the Constitution demands it, it is our duty as citizens, it is the sworn duty of our elected representatives.
  • to show that the executive branch cannot conduct itself with total disregard for our laws and our Constitution.
  • to keep the impeach movement strong and growing, in solidarity, to support those who are needed to testify, to come forward, to speak the truth, to make a stand.
  • to tell the world, to be recorded in history, that we will stand strong together and will not be intimidated.

AND, Impeachment is GOOD TO GO! It will not be a drain on resources as the evidence of at least 5 impeachable offenses is already in the public record!

Having an impeach movement supports people who are afraid and need support in standing up to the unprecedented and oppressive control of the executive office. You never know if someone key will come forward if they feel supported.

Some people say “It’s too late, Bush/Cheney are almost gone. What good will it do, let’s just wait it out”.

There is no “waiting this out”. Things are damaged. The expanded and dangerous executive powers are there for the taking by the next administration. This is not even a party problem (for those that think the Democrats can save us). And besides that, no one is above the law. What message do we tell ourselves, our children and the rest of the world if we don’t try to correct these problems and hold those responsible, accountable? Some people have these ideas about how things go…saying it will take a long time or it’s a distraction to the good work Democrats are doing…unh huh…

Impeachment may be the only way for many American citizens to learn about how they’ve been deceived and taken advantage of. I feel Americans have been a bit lazy. Not paying close enough attention at first, we may be partly responsible. The media is responsible.

It may be that our country is in much deeper and complex trouble than we imagine (even though what we can actually see with our own eyes is terrible). Impeach supporter Dr. Bob Bowman (Lt. Col USAF (ret.), former head of Star Wars program), really speaks to this so I’ll link to his presentation that I videorecorded a couple of months ago. You really have to check his full bio out and web site too – . (go to Dr. Bob Bowman’s Presentation)

Even if actual impeachment doesn’t happen just imagine what some of the possible benefits are….We can say we tried. We would have news coverage. We would have NEWS COVERAGE! The public would hear about the crimes and corruption of the administration. Many would learn for the first time about the constitutional crisis and what can be done about it. Bush could quit like Nixon under the threat of impeachment and history books would reflect that. It took Nixon only three months to quit. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. And remember…

Executive privilege does not apply in an impeachment inquiry.

Senator Jamie Raskin:

On Thursday, April 26th State Senator Jamie Raskin hosted a forum at Montgomery College called “Impeachment: Constitutional and Political Questions.” His talk was packed with historical and political information about the impeachment process. The discussion that followed was enthusiastic and spirited, even heated at times, but all who came to learn more left with a good start in the basics and much to think about in the coming months.

Raskin laid out the historical and constitutional foundations of impeachment, with some key quotes from Jefferson, Madison and Lincoln about the dangers to a people of going to war. He explained that one of the reasons that the framers gave so much power, particularly the power to declare war, to the people through their representatives in Congress, was that they wanted to keep the country out of war if at all possible. Historically, heads of state such as kings, emperors and presidents have led the charge to war without personally having to bear its costs, and therefore Congress was granted this power to place a check on that tendency. (scooped from


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